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A suave 4 man band, playing jazz sax, double bass, guitar and drums. Great for intamite parties but can hold a crowd big enough for a large wedding. Lovely talented people.​
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Contact - [email protected] / 0033 6 59 93 05 64 
A fun, up beat band. Great for any occasion. They will get the party started. A lovely group that know how to keep the patry going. You suggest a song, and thy can play it. 
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  ​Contact - [email protected] / 0033 6 35 33 05 47

1 Man Band
Reginald Gouaux
Reginald is fun and fantastic. He plays a variety of instraments and sings any song on request. I have had him at a few of my own parties
High Standard DJ's
High Standard DJ's are a Cannes based event company that tailor make playlists to suit your style. From big weddings to corporate events, they have worked all over the Riviera.