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Just a small selection of menus to show you what we offer 
 All of our dishes are customisable to suite your tastes

Any occasion is a good reason to share food and wine. From an intimate dinner with family to your big event of the year. 
So to make life easier for you, we have divided up our menus into four catergories that cover every occasion.

Canapés Collection

Three Course Lunch and Dinner

When you have a cocktail party and want to give your guests a little something more. Our variety of canapés will amaze and inspire.
Three courses of lovingly prepared food in your own home by the chefs. Served with fun, flair and finishing touches from all the best restaurants.

Celebrations and Buffets

Just for you

A personal service, where we can cook and deliver food for you, for up to a week. Or do you want to improve your cooking skills. We will come round to your house with ingredients and have a fun and inspired lesson.
Our celebrations menus are for when you have a big event like a wedding. We can cater for for up to 150 people, with several chefs and waitressing staff